PSFS Religious Ed - Students & Volunteers: How to add a student

How to add a student


  • The Students & Volunteers page is the default page when you first go into Religious Education. The Students page will be in view.
  • If no students have been added, the page will look similar to the image above.
  • As long as all of the building blocks have been populated, you may begin to add students by clicking one of the add buttons.
  • Once you have added a student, the only add button available is the one in the upper right of the page. (see the second image below)
  • Only students who are populated in the Member List of the Family Directory will be available to add here.
  • Fill in the student information using the selections available from the dropdowns.
  • Save each record.
  • When you go back to the Students page, you will see a list of students that have been added.
  • You may change the filter at the top to narrow down the results listed on the page to one class, one session, one grade, etc.



How to add a student directly from the class page


  1. If you are on the class page that has the +Student button at the right as shown in the above image, skip to #2. Otherwise, from the Navigator Bar, select Classes & Sessions. The page will open to the Class List page.
    • If the class has already been added and if you are on the class list page, click the class name link.
    • If you haven't added the class yet, click the article link to learn how to add a class. Once you've done so, come back to these instructions to learn how to add students through the class page.
  2. Once you add a class or click the class name link, you will be on the class page. Click +Student (add student button).
  3. Begin to enter the name of the student, select the student name from those subsequently displayed, then press enter then tab.
    Note: Only students whose names are populated in the Family Directory will be available to add.
  4. Select the student's grade from the Grade dropdown list.
    • The Grade dropdown is populated with the grades entered when adding the class. Some classes have more than one grade. For example, you may have a class named Early Elementary consisting of 1-3 graders. In that case, the grade dropdown will allow you to select from or enter 1, 2, or 3.
    • If the grade you want to enter is available in the drop-down, you may simply enter the grade using the keypad.
    • If the student is not in a grade listed in the dropdown, perhaps they belong to a different class.
  5. If the enrollment date you want to use for this student is different from the default (today's date), you may change the date as long as it falls within the parameters of the term/session date spa.
  6. Once you have completed entering the student's information, click Add

Learn how to add a student from the Students & Volunteers option on the Navigator Bar by clicking here.

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