PSA L&P - Checks: How to resolve the issue when check are printing upside down

How to resolve the issue when checks are printing upside down

  1. Verify checks were put in the printer correctly
    1. Mark the top of a blank paper
    2. Put the paper in the printer noting how it was put in the printer tray
    3. Follow the steps to print a test check in the following article: How to set up the check layout and how to print a test check
  2. If the check stock was put into the printer correctly:
    • Check the print dialog box
      1. Is the box to print on both sides marked and is there an option to flip the second page?
      2. If the box to print on both sides is marked and the box to flip the second page is also marked you may get every other check printed upside down. This would happen if you were printing to a printer that does not have the ability to print double-sided copies. 
      3. Usually, when your printer does not print double-sided copies, some printers will print the odd (or even) numbered pages first then when you put the copies back in the printer it will print the even (or odd) numbered pages on the other side of the copies. 

Note: similar issue would be every other check is printed. 


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