DFS Remote Solutions - Uniprint for Remote Solutions

Uniprint for Remote Solutions (RS)

  • The Universal Printer client from UniPrint is a small software application that allows for the best printing solution for Remote Solutions users. UniPrint needs to be installed on your computer so you can print from Remote Solutions.
  • Click the link to download the Uniprint Client from the Uniprint website.
  • Select the option that best meets your needs. You may use the autodetect option if you are not sure which operating system your computer runs on (X64, X86, Mac 10.8 or earlier or Mac 10.9 and later). These options are listed down the page a bit.
  • Make sure the Uniprint Driver has been launched:
    1. Exit Remote Solutions.
    2. Go to the Start menu.
    3. Search for the Uniprint application.
    4. Select it to launch it.
    5. Make it a shortcut on your desktop if it isn’t already there.


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