Exports from IQ Treated as Functions (RESOLVED)

Customers reported that exports from IQ are treating all exported fields as functions. This problem was the result of a change made to accommodate leading zeros in the Postal Code field.

As part of the resolution we will be implementing for this problem, when users open a .csv file in Excel, they will not see leading zeros in their number data (for example, postal codes and social security numbers). Excel automatically removes leading zeros from numbers and prevents them from being displayed in .csv files. This is an Excel issue—not an issue with ConnectNow IQ. Because this is a feature of Excel, there is no way to prevent the application from removing leading zeros or disable
the feature to make them display.

IQ users can successfully export numeric data—including postal codes with leading zeros—into .csv files where leading zeros are preserved. Users can then perform mail merge operations in Word using the .csv file as a data source. Word keeps the leading zeros. Users can also open the .csv in a text editor, such as Notepad, which displays the leading zeros.

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