CNA L&P - Accounts: Delete Entity

The following article is relevant only to independent churches. If you are part of a Diocese or Archdiocese, you must contact them before making changes to your Chart of Accounts.

To find a list of accounts where the entity is used, you may run a Listing from Reports, Accounts, List, selecting only that entity. Also, mark the Report Option: Include Inactive History Accounts.

When you have an entity which is not associated with any current, archived, or deleted accounts, you will see a delete button in Ledger & Payables, Setup, Entities.

If the delete button is not there, you have three choices:
1. In Ledger & Payables, Setup, use Quick Find to pull up the entity and add a Z in front of the description then submit. That will keep the entity but it will list last on lists which are sorted by name. Or, along the same lines, you can change the Entity Code (number) to a higher number and submit. This will update all associated accounts to the higher number which will move this entity down the line for any entity lookup sorted by number.

2. In Ledger & Payables, Accounts, Quick Find, find all accounts which contain that entity; if they are archived, make them current; change the entity to an entity code you are keeping; if the account was archived, archive it again; delete the entity. 

3. Leave it as it is keeping all historical data intact.

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