Steps to Cancel Logos Ministry Connection: Online Giving

(To move on to Logos SimpleChurch Giving or other online giving)

Below, please find the instructions for canceling your Logos Ministry Connection Account. Following these will ensure all recurring giving is stopped and all one-time donations are stopped in a time frame consistent with your stop date.

Please note: even after Logos Ministry Connection is canceled, if their are recurring donations set up, they may continue until their end date. Therefore, you must ensure each of the recurring donations are canceled. These instructions are included in the following steps.

How to Cancel Logos Ministry Connection

  1. Right Away: If you have not yet talked to your account representative, Tim McClendon |734-922-0804|,  regarding cancelling Logos Ministry Connection and moving to our Next Generation of Logos Giving, Logos SimpleChurch Giving, please do so to ensure a smooth transition. Please Note: Once Ministry Connection is turned off, the shutdown is complete and the data (customer credit card information, transactions, member details, etc) is purged. Make sure to give your Account Manager a Shutdown date which will allow you to retrieve all necessary information first.
  2. Right Away: Announce the stop date to your members. As the stop date approaches, they must go in and remove any recurring donations. See instructions at this link: Donor instructions to remove recurring (also shown below under 'For the Donor' )
  3. Right Away: If you wish you may Add a Note to Logos Connect Site letting your members know this site will no longer be used for online giving as of mm/dd/yyyy.                                                                       tipstewardshipgiving.PNG
  4. In Logos II at least Four days before the stop date, go into Manage Funds and unmark all of your funds for ‘Publish to Web.’ To ensure all funds have been unmarked, after the next sync log into Logos Connect and see if there are still any funds available. Once they've been unmarked and a sync is run, there should be no funds available. Click on this link to see where to update Publish to Web: LII Contributions: Manage Funds - Publish to Web
  5. At least four days before the stop date, log into the dashboard and cancel all the recurring transactions your members have not canceled on their own. Transactions begin to process up to three business days before the transaction date, so you might still receive transactions through your ‘stop date.’ Note: You must cancel recurring for the year in which the recurring transaction was created. See instructions at this link: How the Church Administrator can cancel recurring donations (also shown below under 'For the Administrator') Also, mark the option in the dashboard, Ministry Connection Tab, to 'Require User Account for Online Giving." 
  6. Call Blue Pay (866-441-9670)  and cancel your account with them as of 10 business days after your stop date. It takes up to 10 days for items to completely process through Blue Pay. If you only accept credit card donations, you may stop Blue Pay 2 business days after the date you want to cancel. If you choose to stop Blue Pay right away, you may simply add any new donations into Logos II through the contributions tab. Note: If Logos Ministry Connection is being used for Direct Deposit for Payroll, make sure you coordinate this with your Payroll Department before canceling BluePay.
  7. Once you stop Blue Pay, or stop using Logos Connect Online Giving, you may remove the BluePay information in your Preferences/Banking/Bank Accounts for Logos II. To see where to go for this, click this link: Update Banking Information in LII: BluePay
  8. After BluePay has been shut down and no new transactions are syncing into Logos II, you must contact billing at and let them know they may remove Ministry Connection from your Active Product List. Once this is done, you will no longer get charged for Ministry Connection.



For the Donor: 
Log into your account. Select the ‘My Giving’ tab. Select Recurring Gifts.
Click on the recurring gift you want to discontinue and then click the
[Cancel Gift] button.

This must be done at least 3 days before the next transaction is due. Otherwise,
the transaction will likely go through for this month, and stop the next.



For the Church Administrator: (How the Church Administrator can cancel recurring donations)

1. Log into the Logos Dashboard and Select Church Community
2. Select Contribution Directory, then By Contributions and then Mark Recurring Donations & Gifts. This will only list the contributions that have been initiated in the year that is displayed in the upper right side of the screen. Make sure you bring up each year (on the right top) where a contribution may have been initiated.

3. Click on the name with the Contribution you want to change and the following pop up will display:
4. Mark Cancel Gift. Please note: if you cancel this on the date the next contribution was scheduled, the contribution will still go through. We suggest giving it a three day window. In other words, you must cancel this at least three days before the next scheduled transaction, or the transaction may go through anyway.


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