Logos - System: Add New Data Set

How to add a new data set

This article uses Logos II in its examples, but the routine is the same for any Logos product.

Log in using and administrative profile. Click on the System & Users Tab.




In the ribbon, select the Users icon. Then, click Maintain Users. Find the User profile you would like to use to access the new data base, and double click. Select ‘New Data Directory’ and enter  the name in the field. There can be no spaces in the name. You cannot see them, but this data set I entered is actually named new_data_set_name.


After you enter the new data set name and click ‘OK,’ click on the ‘Data Sets’ button. This will list all of the data sets the User Profile you are in has access to. You may create a new User Profile that only accesses this data set, or you may add it to an existing user profile. This is where you would do so, by marking or unmarking the box next to the new data set.


Make sure you save the record before exiting.


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