LA Payroll - Bank ACH (Direct Deposit) Processing: Setup

Set up your system for ACH Payroll processing starting in File, Preferences, Banking.

Before you begin setting up Logos accounting for ACH Payroll Processing, you must contact your Bank and find out their requirements and their charges for using this service. If their requirements are agreeable to you, ask them if you can send a test payroll to ensure it is all set up correctly. Once you have the Bank's requirements follow the instructions below to set up Logos Accounting for Direct Deposit ACH Payroll Processing.

1. Mark Bank ACH under How is Direct Deposit Processed?

2. Next, Click the Bank ACH button and fill in the path where the Nacha file will be stored. Make sure it's an easy place for you to find. Note: if you are Hosted, the Path must be: M:\Temp\nacha.txt

ACHProcessing1_Preferences.PNG                 ACHProcessing_Preferences_2.PNG

3. Finally, click on the Bank Accts button and make sure your Bank Info tab is filled out with your Bank Account Number, Bank Routing Number, Company ID (tax ID) and Account type. The Bank ACH information will populate automatically.


Setting up an employee for Direct Deposit

You may set up the Employee for direct deposit at any time in the process. Once you are ready to actually process payroll through Bank ACH (but not before), make sure you mark the EFT option on the Salary information tab for each employee and save it. If you have not yet done so, you must click the Define Distribution button and update the Employee Routing Number, Account Number, and Bank Name.


Once you have updated each employee, the first time you process payroll, remember to Reset All Employee information by clicking the Reset All button:

When you process payroll, if you have set everything up as directed, the process will create a file called nacha.txt and store it in the folder you entered in step 2 above. Below is the layout of the nacha.txt file.



Processing Payroll when using Direct Deposit

Process Payroll- when some are eft and others are not:

When you process payroll, you will be prompted to create the Nacha file at the end of payroll processing as follows:




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