Direct Deposit Payroll: Transitioning from Ministry Connect to Bank ACH

As of September 2017, Logos Ministry Connection will no longer be an option for direct deposit payroll processing. Most customers may continue using the direct deposit option through Logos Payroll by switching to Bank ACH Processing. In Logos, this basically entails setting up Logos Preferences to create a Nacha file of each Payroll you Process. Depending on your bank's requirements, you will either email the Nacha file to your bank or log into your Bank Account online, and import the Nacha file.


Steps to take to transition to Bank ACH Processing:

1. Contact your bank and ask them if they can accommodate Direct Deposit through ACH processing. 

2. Once you have set up a contract with your bank for ACH Direct Deposit Processing, you may set up Logos. For Payroll Setup, click on this link for the steps to set up Logos: Using Bank ACH Processing for Direct Deposit. For A/P Processing, click on the following link for steps to set up Logos: Direct Deposit for Accounts Payable.

Steps to take to transition to stop Ministry Connect Direct Deposit Processing:

1. Remove the BluePay Account information from Preferences, Banking, Bank Accts, Epay.

2. Cancel your BuePay Account by calling BluePay | 866-441-9670 |

    Note: If Logos Ministry Connection is being used for Online Giving, make sure you coordinate this with your Receivables Department before canceling BluePay.


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