LII Report Filters: Search Criteria through report filters

Almost all reports in Logos II will bring you to the Search Criteria Screen. Below are some commonly used Search Criteria. These criteria help you filter the report to only print the records that meet the selected data. These are general guidelines. Once you learn these, you may play around in the search criteria screen to see the many ways you may filter reports.

Below is an example of how to select records with extension .01 or .02 where .01 represents Head of Household and .02 represents Spouse. Using this criteria will return a list of the adults in your data.


Below is an example that may be used to select records where the Relationship to Church is 'M' for Member. If you use a value other than 'M' to denote Members, use that value in #3.


Once you click the Done button at the bottom of the Search Criteria Screen, you will see all of the criteria you have entered. You may highlight each and delete those you decide against.

Each tab allows you to select for criteria specific to that module. For example, the Contributions tab allows you to select for records that include giving to a particular fund in a particular time period or, in Contributions, Advanced options, you may select for records with no giving in a particular time frame.

You may add an 'Or' between criteria if there is more than one value for the same field. To add the 'Or' simply select the first item on the Search Criteria screen and click the 'Or' button at the bottom.


Or, if you only want to eliminate a value, you may use the box for 'Not' in the Search Criteria Entry screen:

If there is no article joining your two criteria, the software assumes the word 'And.'


Once you have created your search criteria, if it is complicated or if you will use the same criteria repeatedly, you may choose to Save the Criteria so you may simply restore it the next time you need it. Saved criteria will be available for any report in Logos II which has the search screen. To save the criteria, click Save Criteria at the bottom then enter a descriptive name.


Later, when you want to use the same criteria, you may select the Restore Criteria option and select it from the list. Then, make sure to click the Set Filter button.





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