PSA Getting Started - Accounts: How to add an Account when part of a Diocese

How to add an account when part of a Diocese

If you belong to a diocese and want to add or edit an account, you may or may not be able to do so based on the permissions your diocese has set up as well as which accounts your diocese has provided.

A quick way to find out what your permissions you go into Ledger & Payables → Accounts. 


The example above is a typical setup for a diocese. The diocese typically creates a Chart of Accounts and expects their Parishes to use the standard chart of accounts they provide. They often will allow the Parish to add Sub-Accounts.


How to find which accounts are available to add and then add them

To find if your account is available and then add the Account, Select the Chart of Accounts (Add Sub-Accounts) link.


Typically, the diocese has so many accounts it would be too cumbersome to wade through all of them. You must filter the accounts by type and/or entity to narrow down the options.

Note: as you add the Account Type, other pertinent fields display that offer additional filter options. In the example below, the user wanted to add a checking account to their Chart. They selected Asset and fields for Department and Account displayed. After selecting the fields you know, click Search.


After clicking Search, the options that meet the criteria are displayed. In this case, it is a Checking Account for Entity 1. 

To add this account to your Parish chart of accounts, mark the box to the left of the account number. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click Submit. 

Note: After adding this account, if you have another checking account you would like to add, you may click the Add Sub-Account link if it is available to you. This will take you to a screen which allows you to enter a description, shortcut, and sub-account number.


Take care to ensure your Shortcut number matches the format of your other accounts. It should be short but descriptive enough to find the account easily. For example, a general description, 'Checking Account' may be too generic, you want to be able to easily distinguish each account.



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