PSA L&P - Accounting Period: How to increment the current accounting period (or close the month)

How to increment the current accounting period (or close the month)

When you are new to ParishSOFT Accounting and the current period was set back to a period long before the transactions you are currently entering and reconciling you will simply need to close the period(s). Note, the reason for the period being set so early is in case you needed to add historical records.

When you are not new to ParishSOFT Accounting and/or you have been adding transactions for a period, you will want to follow the Month End Processing guidelines and then close the period. The Month End Processing Help Article or Chapter 12 of your User Guide both give excellent detail about Performing End-of-Period Processing. You may find the User Guide on the Ledger & Payables Dashboard.


Close the Period

Once you have completed the End-of-Period Processing and you are ready to close the period, go into Ledger and Payables, Process, the third and second items from the bottom are End of Month and End of Year. You may increment your period by selecting those options as appropriate. Note: When you are in the last period of the fiscal year, you will not close that month but instead select the option to close the year.

To increment to the next Month, simply go into Process, End of Month. You will see the current month. When you click Submit, this will increment to the next month.


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