CNA L&P - Checks: Print Checks Process

To print a check, you must first ensure your system is set up properly to print checks. You also must have an Account Code set up as a Bank Account. Finally, you must have set up the Check Layout for your particular checks and printer.

Once you have completed all of the steps to set up your system for check printing, the first step in the check printing process is to enter a bill.

Once the bill is entered, when you select the Checks icon, a list of unpaid bills will display. If a message displays to your screen that There are checks available for reprinting from a previous unsuccessful attempt, you may want to read the help article: How to Print Checks from a Previous Unsuccessful Attempt or Clear the Print Checks Queue. 

Mark the bills you want to pay by clicking the box to the right of the Pay Amount field.


Then, click Print Checks at the bottom of the screen which will take you to the Create Checks screen. NOTE: Until you click the Create Checks at the bottom of this screen, no checks have been created and the bill may still be edited (as long as the bill is dated in the current accounting period). To exit this screen and edit the bill, simply click on the Bills icon. Once you click the Create Checks button at the bottom of this screen, Checks have been created, a check number has been assigned, the bill may not be edited.


Clicking the Create Checks button at the bottom will take you to the Print Selected Screen. It will also record the check, and at this point if there is something wrong with the bill or if you have chosen the wrong Bank Account from which to print the check, you will need to Void the check, even though it has not yet been printed. See Help Article Checks: Void or Delete a Check (not yet printed)

You may do two things on this screen: 1) Deselect any checks you do not want to print (or re-print) 2) Change the check number (if it is not correct) by clicking into the Number column and changing the number.

When you click the Print Selected button, you should see two things: 1) a PDF pop-up should display of the checks you are printing. 2) Hiding behind the PDF is the Did checks print OK? screen. If the check PDF does not display on your screen, and if you are using firefox, mark the option for I didn't print any checks, then make sure you Set Firefox up for optimal use with ConnectNow Accounting. Once you have set up Firefox for optimal use in ConnectNow Accounting, you may now print them. If you are using Internet Explorer, hover your cursor over the  icon and see if the PDF is hiding behind your browser. If not, mark the option, I didn't print any checks and click Submit. Then, ensure you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader and it is set up as your default PDF reader. Then, you may now print them.





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