CNA L&P - Checks Queue: How to Print Checks from a Previous Unsuccessful Attempt or Clear the Print Checks Queue

When you click on the Checks Icon, this message will display if you did not mark and submit the option after a check run for Yes, I clicked the Print icon and Check(s) printed correctly.

Even when checks did print correctly, if this option was not selected/submitted, you will get the above message. This message will also display if you marked the option, I didn't print any checks because your PDF never displayed when you printed checks.

How to resolve this:

No matter the cause, the solution is virtually the same: simply click OK. Then, click Print Selected. The PDF of the checks will display to your screen. If you have not yet printed your checks, do so now. If you have printed your checks previously, close the PDF. Once you have successfully printed your checks, whether it was just now or previously, leave the option for Yes, I clicked the Print icon and Check(s) printed correctly marked, and click Submit. This will clear the Print Checks Queue.

Note: Clearing the queue will not affect your accounts. It will simply remove those checks from the Queue of checks that need to be reprinted.

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