Logos System - Data: Reindex

We recommend reindexing your data frequently. It takes only a few minutes and will prevent data issues. Reindexing once per week would be an excellent schedule. Hosted customers, while your data is backed up nightly, you are responsible for reindexing the data.

Make sure you are the only one logged into Logos.

Go into the System & Users Tab, and select Data Tables, then Reindex Data Tables. Note: If you do not have a Systems & Users Tab, it is a function of your Logos Profile Permissions. These are set up by your own Church Administrator and must be addressed by them. If you are the Church Administrator but do not have these permissions, please have your pastor email the support team requesting we work with you to give you administrative access.

  1. Click on the System & Users Tab
  2. Select Data Tables
  3. Select Reindex Data Table
  4. Respond ‘yes’ to the backup prompt letting the data backup to the default backup location.
  5. Mark ‘all tables’ and ‘pack’
  6. Select Reindex


This example is from our Accounting Module. The tasks are the same; mark All Tables and Pack then click Reindex.

Once you have completed this task, continue to work in the system.

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