Logos - System: How to load data into sample

How to load data into sample

You may find it useful to backup your live data and restore it to your Sample Account. Then, you can try some things to see how it will affect the live data. Once you know the steps you want to take, you can then update your live data. This allows you to try certain transactions without messing up your live data.

Log into the Sample account.

Username: sample

Password: 123

Data Directory: SAMPLE


Sometimes churches change this Data Directory so make sure before you log in the Data Directory says SAMPLE. If not, see this article to find out how to set the Sample login to the Sample Data Set.

Now you are ready to restore the backup of live data to the Sample account.

  1. While logged into Sample, Click on System & Users/Restore
  2. Follow the prompts
  3. Now, you must browse for the live data backup. It will be in Logoswin\backup\application\data directory, where 'application' might be Logos, GL, or Scheduler.

This will give you the choice of your live backup for your live data folder. Once you select this folder, you will get a list of your backups which are dated. Select the backup with the date you want and restore. You will get several warning messages, but you may just answer them with a ‘yes’ you are sure.


  • Now that you have restored your live data to your sample account, the way to tell you are in sample is to look at the bottom of the screen.


  • You may do whatever you want in the sample data without it affecting your live data. Just remember to exit out and log back into your live data when you really want to update your live system.


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