Logos System - User Profile: Add and update permissions

How to add a Logos User Profile and update permissions

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

Start by going into System & Users, Users:

Then, select the drop-down item, “Maintain Users.” Then Click on the ‘New’

Add a new username   and change the password .

To edit an existing Profile, click on the [List] tab on the right side. This will list all user profiles. Double Click on the one you want to update.

You may change the Access settings for each profile as follows: Expand each module by clicking on the plus sign to the left of each lock. Once you have fully expanded each item, you may right click on each lock. The choices are: Full Access, No Access; some also have Read-Only. Select the appropriate one for this user.

If all users will have the exact same access, simply create one user name and let them all use it. Or, another choice is to use the Copy Profile button on the right side of the Maintain Users screen. To use this, you will begin with the ‘New’ button, give it a username and then click the Copy Profile button. You will be given the opportunity to select which profile you want to copy.

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