LII People - Export: How to export people data to an excel spreadsheet

How to export people data to an excel spreadsheet

Reminder - Logos Sunset Date: 03/29/2019

Export People Data – Use the Import/Export routine found either in the ribbon under Import/Export

Or in the lower right corner of your LOGOS II roadmap.

For the most detail for each person, select the Advanced export options, Individual Merge 1 per person.

Just as with all Logos reports, you will be able to filter which records you export. If you want them all, do not filter and click Next through the next screens until you get to the Export screen.

We recommend the CSV format which is called Delimited with Comma in Logos:

If you are hosted, you will find this export in your C:\Temp folder.

If you are not hosted, you may browse to the folder where you would like to store this exported file.






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