PSA L&P - Accounts: How to prevent an account from being used/how to archive or delete an account

How to prevent an account from being used/how to archive or delete an account

There are two ways to prevent an account from being used: delete it or archive it. After archiving an account, you may later re-activate it.

First, pull up the account by clicking the Accounts Icon then using Quick Find or Find Account. 


To learn how to delete, archive, or re-activate an archived account, select from the following choices:

How/when to delete an account

How/when to archive an account 

How to re-activate an archived account 


How/when to delete an account

You may delete an account if:

  1. The account does not have historical activity 
  2. The account does not have memorized transactions associated with it. You must delete the memorized transaction before deleting the account
  3. If you use the Payroll module, the account must not be used in Account Distributions. You must remove the account there before archiving the account.

To delete an account which has no activity, simply click the delete button at the bottom of the screen (see image). If you think the Account has no activity but there is no delete button:

  1. Click the History link to verify there is no historical activity.
  2. Contact your Church Administrator or Diocese to request that someone who has the login permissions to delete the account. Support does not set up these permissions.


How/when to archive an account

You must use the archive option if:

  • The account has any history; archiving prevents posting to the account, and in many cases you can exclude an Archived Account (Inactive) from reports.
  • You do not have access to the delete button and have no other recourse

You cannot archive an account:

  • with a current or future budget
  • that is being used in a memorized transaction

To archive an account which has a current account balance of zero, mark the archive option at the bottom and click Submit. (see the image under How to re-activate an archived account)


 How to re-activate an archived account

After archiving an account, if you find later you would like to re-activate the account, go into Accounts, pull up the account using Quick Find or Find Account, unmark the archive option, and click Submit.



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