CNA L&P - Checks: Assign a check number to a bill which is in a closed month

Goal : Assign a check number to a bill in Accrual where the bill is in a closed month.

You will use the Checks routine to "pay" this bill as though you were printing a check. Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually print anything.

  • Click on the Checks Icon.
  • Then click the Pay checkbox for that bill and click Print Checks. Don’t worry about the check number as we will be able to change that later. Verify your bank account and check date are correct, however.

  • Verify the information is correct on the Create Checks window and then click Create Checks.

  • You will now be able to edit the check number if needed. Simply highlight the number and type in the correct number. Click Print Selected. In some cases you will need to add an alpha character at the end of this check number; for example, if ConnectNow Accounting thinks the number was used and voided.

When you get the Adobe window you can simply close it without printing. Click submit on the "Did Checks Print Ok" window as the option Yes I clicked the Print icon and check(s) printed correctly option is already checked. (see screen print below)




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