LII User Reports - Add a field to a report using Logos User Edited Reports

Reminder - Logos Sunset Date: 03/29/2019

Logos provides a free Self-Supporting Tool called User Defined Reports which allows you to add or remove fields from your reports. For additional information on User Edited Reports, see the User Edited Reports Help Files.  Note: Flash is required to access this site.

To add a field to an existing Logos Report, you may use this Self-Supporting User Edited Reports tool.

Steps to add a field to an existing Logos Report

From the output destination screen of any report, click the Edit Button. Then, mark Create New User Report and click OK.

The report format screen displays. Select the field icon at the top, then click and drag at the place you want to add the field in the report layout. You are dragging to make the field wide enough for the information.

Click the Browse button in the Expression window and look for the field you want.

If the field you add requires special formatting, make sure you go to the Format tab.

For more information on our Self-Supporting User Defined Reports Tool, you may click on the Help file from within a User Edited Report


Once you have added your fields, you will want to test out the new report.

  • Click the X in the upper right inner window.
  • At the prompt to save changes, click Yes.

  • At the Report Description prompt, identify the difference between your new format and the system original format and click OK.

Now that you have created a new format, you must select your new format to see the results.

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