Logos - System: We Can't Backup data files. Someone else is currently

The first thing you should do when you get this message is make sure everyone is logged out of Logos. If Logos II is linked with Logos Accounting, you will need to make sure everyone is out of both programs.

Secondly, you may need to clear out the Current Users File. This file should clear out when the user exits, but it does not always do so. Manually clearing this file may release the data for backup. To do so, go into System & Users, Users, Current Users. Mark All Records, then click Purge. You do not need to fill in Username. Once you have completed this step, try to backup again.

If you still cannot backup, try System Shutdown. In System & Users, Click System Shutdown, then Force Shutdown. On your screen will display telling you the time everyone will be forced out. On any other screens that may be open, a message will display letting them know they should save their work and log off. Otherwise, they will be forced out after 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up, you will get a message letting you know everyone is off. 

IMPORTANT: Go back into System Shutdown and Cancel the Shutdown at this point. Then, try to backup again.


If you have done both of these steps and you still cannot backup, you may go into the sever and close any open files associated with Logos OR restart your server.


To Close Open Files:

  1. Log into the Server and go to Computer Management (under administrative tools)
  2. Under System Tools—Shared Folders – Open files: right click and delete any open files in the Logos Program you are trying to backup or update.
  3. This will list all of the open files in Logos. (select all- right click- close open files) Make sure you only close the files pertinent to the program you are working in unless you have checked and verified there is no one in any Logos product on the whole system. If not, you may close all open files associated with Logos.


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