PSA L&P - Checks: How to void or delete a check which was not printed and not flagged as printed

How to void or delete a check which was not printed and not flagged as printed

Occasionally, you will go through the create check process without actually printing the check, only to discover the bill was entered incorrectly or you chose the wrong bank account.

Since the check has now been created (although not yet printed) your only options to modify the bill are to delete the check (only allowed when your organization has given you permissions through your login credentials) or to void the check, making a copy of the original bill, then edit the new bill. Also, if you chose the wrong bank account, you must either delete or void the check or create a journal entry debiting the incorrect account and crediting the correct account dated the same date as the check. This article gives advice on how to best void the check.

Delete the check: (if permissions allow)

Firstly, if you are not sure if your permissions allow you to delete the check, pull up the check in the Checks screen and look at the bottom of the screen. If you have the delete button, you may delete the check. This will remove the check and the software will treat the bill as if no check had ever been created.

Change Check Number and fake print the Check: 

If the delete button is not present, you will now want to go through the process of changing the check number and 'fake printing' the check.  Go into Checks and click OK at the prompt that tells you that you have unprinted checks from a previous attempt. The Print Checks screen gives you the opportunity to change the check number. We suggest using a check number with a letter in front of it to ensure you keep your check numbers in sequence. To match the check with the bill it was written against, you might change the check number to V###, where ### is the bill number. To change the check number, click into the Check Number field. Changing the check number will allow you to preserve the check number originally assigned to this unprinted check. 

Once you have updated the check number, you will want to 'fake print' the check. This means going through the steps to print the check, only not actually printing the check. When the check PDF displays, close it. Then, mark it as having printed. Fake printing the check will give you the opportunity to remove the check from the print check queue.

Now, in the Checks screen, bring up the check you just fake printed and void it. If possible, void it on the check date. Note: You can only void it on the check date if the check date falls within an open Bank Reconciliation period. Otherwise, date the void on the earliest date possible in the open Bank Reconciliation period.

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