LII Attendance - Remove Students through Quick Update


To remove a student or students, you mark the Attendance Enroll/Remove/Move

The next screen is the filter screen where you can select all students in a particular grade or age range if you select by the People tab, or all students enrolled in a particular area. After you click ‘Next,’ you will then get a list of all the students that meet your selection criteria. Only keep those students on the list you want to Enroll/Remove/Move from the class. In this routine, you can only do one of those functions at a time. I would run the routine to move all students from one class to the next and then run it again to remove any remaining students that are no longer in any class at the church.


On this list, I have placed a check-mark on all the students I do not want to remove from this class. There is only one I am going to remove from the class, Stephanie Hernandez. So, I marked all the other students and will click delete. This will delete the students I marked, from the list of students I want to remove from the class.

Now, I will click Next and enter the class I want to remove her from. Very important is the ‘Date Removed’ field. Make sure you use a date the class would normally meet. When you look up the class before this date, Stephanie will be in the class list. After this date, she will not.

On the last page, simply click ‘Process.’ This will remove the student from the class.
You will follow the same instructions for moving the students, except it will ask where to move them from and where to move them to.

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