LII Contributions - EOY: Working in Two Years, Statements, Envelope Numbers


 WORKING IN TWO YEARS: Logos gives you the flexibility to begin working in a new year while you still have uncompleted work to do in the previous year. You do not need to wait until all YYYY entries are completed to begin working in YYYY+1. In doing this, you must make sure —

  • You always check which year the system is set to BEFORE you do any Data Entry
    functions. (The active date always displays in the program’s title bar.)
    Otherwise, contributions may be recorded in the wrong year.



  • Each contributions batch must contain only items for the same year. The Post Contributions routine will return an error if there are items for different years in a batch. In that case, transactions for one of the years will need to be deleted and then re-entered in a new batch.
  • If contributions totals are being transmitted to Logos Accounting, post batches separately for each year and be sure to set the date to match the actual deposit date in the Define Bank Deposit Slip window.
  • If a batch gets entered and posted to the wrong year, use the Void Contributions routine and select the Void Batch option. Mark the Restore Batch to unposted Contributions check box. Then open the Enter Contributions routine, highlight the batch in question in the grid and click the Magnifying Glass  icon. Next, click the Edit Batch Information button to change the date of the batch to the correct year. Then click the Change Date button to change the date of all transactions to the correct year. Then click the Save button. Finally, Post the updated batch.
  • Also set the date  into the year for which you want to run Contributions reports. This simplifies setting your Search Criteria to look for people based on their giving/pledge in the year for which you are printing. See information on the next page for printing your end-of-year giving statements.

1. Envelope Numbers: If you change envelope numbers at the start of a new year, make sure that the Preferences > Contributions screen has the Envelope #s must be unique check box unmarked so that numbers that are currently in use can be re-assigned. Then ─

  • If you want to retain the current envelope number in addition to the newly assigned number, use the Create New Envelopes routine (Contributions > Data Entry panel), which saves the current number as the “Prior Envelope” once the Post New Envelopes routine is run.
  • Or, use Reassign Envelope Numbers in Quick Update (People > Utilities panel). These changes become active as soon as the routine is run.
  • Also, you can change individual envelope numbers from the Personal (Member) tab of the Manage People routine. These changes become active as soon as the record is saved.
    If you need to reassign envelope numbers prior to the end of the year in order to provide these numbers to your envelope printing company, but also want to continue using the current numbers until the end of the year, see the suggestion on the Page 5 of this document.

Create New Envelopes Before Year-End

  1. Using Create New Envelopes (Contributions > Data Entry), enter new envelope numbers.
  2. IMPORTANT: Alert your staff to not do any data entry in Logos II until you complete Steps 3-7.
  3. Use the Backup routine (System & Users) to backup your data.
  4. Run the Post New Envelopes routine (Data Entry).
  5. Run the Export Envelope Numbers routine (Contributions Reports menu) to create the data file to send to your envelope company.
  6. Print any reports you need with the new envelope numbers on them.
  7. Use the Restore routine (System & Users) to restore the backup you made in Step #3. This puts the prior envelope numbers back into donor records and leaves the new envelopes ready to post.

2. Print Contribution Statements: Set the date back  into the year for which the statements are being run. The routine has an option to set the date that you want to print on the statements. You can also choose to print the Prior Envelope numbers on the statements if these have changed.

  • You can run statements for the previous year AFTER you have started work in the new year. Always change the date back  into the previous year to print the desired information.
  • We recommend that you practice printing your end-of-year contribution reports well before the day you need to run them. Then, if you have any problems, our Support staff will have time to help you resolve it without the pressure of a deadline.
  • Check with your accountant about whether to mark the option to Print $250+ Listings. This option prints a separate list of contributions totaling $250 or more on the same date.
  • If you have Logos Mail Manager installed, you can mark the Print Labels check box on the first screen of the routine. This allows you to print labels or envelopes within this routine according to the U.S. Postal Service’s Presort standards. NOTE: In order to qualify for Standard (bulk) Non-Profit mail rates, because statements have different information for each donor, the Postal Service requires that the mailing includes a clear request for additional contributions.


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