LII Contributions - EOY: Pledges and Pre-Paid Pledges

How to create a Pledge Fund, add Donor Pledges, and mark a contributions as a Pre-Paid Pledge


Create a Pledge Fund

If you will be starting a new pledge campaign, follow these steps:

Manage Funds: Create a new Sub Fund for each new pledge campaign. NEVER update an existing Pledge Fund with a new date span. This ensures that contributions are reported for the correct campaign:

  1. Select the Manage Funds (Data Entry panel).
  2. Click the New icon  on the command bar.
  3. Enter the Fund Number and Sub Fund. For the latter, enter all four digits, with the meaningful digits first, followed by zeroes (e.g., 1000, 2000, etc.). Thus, over time you could have a series of sub funds linked to a main fund:
    General Fund – 1.0000
    General Fund 2010 – 1.1000
    General Fund 2011 – 1.1100 – etc.
  4. Enter the remaining information (Description, GL Distribution, etc.)
  5. Mark the Pledge Account check box and define the date range of the campaign.
  6. Once a prior campaign is complete, unmark the Active check box for that fund or sub fund, preventing it from displaying in the list of funds when doing Contribution entry.


Add Donor Pledges

Donor Pledges: Enter new pledge amounts for donors:

  1. Select Pledges (Contributions → Data Entry panel).
  2. Select the pledge fund from the Pledge Summary list.

  • At the Donor Summary screen, select the Entry Method you prefer, then click the New Pledge button, either entering the full pledge amount and having the routine calculate the installments or entering the installment amount and having the routine calculate the total.
  • Enter each donor’s pledge.
  • At any time, from the Donor Summary screen, you can print a list of those whose pledges have been entered.

  1. If the donor has given an initial deposit, it will not be included in the Pledge Amount calculations. A Pledge is an amount that has not yet been contributed. In the example above, this Donor is giving a $100.00 initial deposit and pledging 1200.00 additional dollars.
  2. Once you enter the Pledge Amount and the Frequency, click the Calculate button for the Installment Schedule to generate.
  3. If you make changes to the initial deposit, the Pledge Amount, or the Frequency, click the Clear All button and then the Calculate button to generate a new Installment Schedule.


Mark a Contribution as a Pre-Paid Pledge

Pre-Paid Pledges

  1. To use the Pre-Paid Pledges option, you must make sure File, Preferences, Contributions, Show Pledge Info in Data Entry Grid is marked. 
  2. If any Initial Deposits are entered (either in the Pledge screen or in a Contributions Batch) in the current year for a pledge campaign that begins in the next year, before you post the batch(es) containing these entries, open the Enter Contributions routine and follow these steps if you wish to define these as “pre-paid”:

1st On the initial Select Batch screen, click the Magnifying Glass icon to open the Select Transaction list.

2nd Double-click on an Initial Deposit item (any column except the Line # or the ID #, Envelope or Name) to open that record.

3rd Click the Hourglass  icon (just above the grid). This adds an asterisk (*) to the right of the Per Period column. When statements print next year, items that are marked this way will print in a separate listing indicating that they were paid in the prior year.

NOTE: If you are entering a Batch of Pre-Paid Pledges through Enter Contributions, we advise against mixing Pre-Paid Pledges with regular Contributions. Use a separate batch for regular Contributions.

Note: If you have entered the contribution already and then want to use the 'change fund' routine, you will not be able to mark the new fund as a Pre-Paid Pledge. You must use the Void Routine and add the Contribution in again through a new batch.


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