Go-Global - Install and Run the Go-Global Client

Install the Go-Global Client

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

Click on the link to Download the Go-Global Client from GraphOn's Web site, then:

1. Click Go-Global Clients and select the installer file for your computer platform (see image below).
2. Click Download.
3. Run this installation.
4. You will be prompted with an installation dialogue. Follow it through until the end. The last button will be Install, then Finish.
5. On your Computer, search for the program and launch it. To search, Click on your Start button and enter Go Global. A list of programs will display and you should see Go Global toward the top. Select that. (scroll down to see image below)
6. Enter the host for the Go-Global server (Hosted.logosdc.com or Hosted.logoscms.com) and mark the option to create a desktop icon.
7. You will be prompted for your Go Global username and password.


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