Logos - System: How to backup hosted Logos data to local drive

How to backup hosted Logos data to local drive


 Reminder - Logos Scheduler Sunset date12/31/2021

  1. Before you begin this process, go to the C drive of your computer and make sure you have a folder called Temp.
  2. Log into Logos and click System & Users, then Backup.
  3. Keep the default settings and click ‘Next.’
  4. At the Backup Data Files window, follow these instructions:
    • The simplest thing would be to copy and paste the following line into the To field, M:\TEMP\FACILITYSCHEDULERFINALBACKUPCONVERSION.ZIP
      • Even though the letter you start with is M, this will cause the system to back up your Facility Scheduler data to your local computer C drive into a folder called TEMP.
      • M is the drive label Go-Global has given your local computer since Go-Global also has its own C drive.
    • If copying and pasting the path did not work, you will have to go the longer route:
      Click the Browse button and select the Client C (M:) option.
    • Browse for the M drive. It says Client C (M).
    • When you select the Client C (M:) Drive, you will see a folder called Temp. Select that. Give your backup a name (we suggest FACILITYSCHEDULERFINALBACKUPCONVERSION) then click the New button. Then, Next & Process (shown below). It will take moments for the backup to complete.
  5. Enter the name of your backup and click New.
  6. Then, click Next and Process.
  7. The files will backup to your local drive.
  8. Browse to C:\Temp on your local computer and you will see the file there.


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