PSA L&P - Checks: How to void a check (including an EFT check)

How to void a check (including an EFT check)

  1. Go into Checks → Find Check and pull up the check. Click the void button at the bottom of the screen. No Void button?
  2. The calendar screen will pop-up presently (shown below) prompting for the Void Date and if you want to make a Copy of the Original Bill:
    • Void Date Criteria
      • Choose a date that is in an open Bank Reconciliation Period. Do not choose a void date prior to the date of your last closed Bank Reconciliation.
      • Use the check date if it's on or later than the date of your last closed Bank Reconciliation. Otherwise, use the first date in the open bank rec period. 
      • The void date must be on or after the check date.
    • Copy the Original Bill: When you void a check, you have the option to make a copy of the original Bill. If this option is chosen, review the recreated bill and edit it if necessary. 
      • If the check you void was written as a partial payment of a bill, only the portion of the bill that the check paid will be voided but the entire original bill will be recreated.
  3. You may need to either print a new check or assign the check number to the copied Bill.


  • No Void buttonThe Void option is only available if the check has not yet been marked cleared on a Bank Reconciliation. 
  • How does voiding a check affect expenses when using an accrual accounting basis? 
    The original bill is still recorded in a journal entry which was created on the invoice date. The bill is associated with the voided check. If you have questions about how this original bill affects your books, please see our Help Article titled, Can I delete a bill after voiding a check?


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