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How to void or delete a check

When you have recorded a check and later find an error, there are several options to fix the error:


How to delete a check

This option is only available for those whose login credentials provide the delete button. This option would only be available for those with this permission if the check date is in the current or future accounting month and if the check has not yet been marked cleared on a Bank Reconciliation

If your credentials do not provide this option, you must talk to your church or diocese administrator to either grant the permission or possibly to delete the check for you. When the check is deleted, the activity will be recorded in the Audit. However, the database will behave as if the check had never been created in the first place, freeing the check number to be re-used. Some valid reasons for deleting a check are: An EFT check was recorded incorrectly, the check was assigned to an incorrect bank account, an incorrect expense account was used.



How to void a check

Void Date: Void the check as of an open Bank Reconciliation Period. Use the check date if possible, but if the check date is in a closed bank rec period, use the first date in the open bank rec period.  The Check can't have been cleared on a Bank Reconciliation.

Copy the Original Bill: When you void a check, you have the option to make a copy of the original Bill. It is highly recommended that you review the recreated bill and edit it if necessary.

Print a New Check or Assign the Check Number to the Bill: If you voided the check because it was written from the wrong account and only need to record it under the correct account, simply go into the bill and assign the check number. You must use an alpha character in the check number (if the same bank account is being used) because a duplicate number will not be allowed even though the original check was voided. If you need to print a new check, proceed as usual.

How does a void affect expenses when using an accrual accounting basis?

The original bill is still recorded in a journal entry which was created on the invoice date. The bill is associated with the voided check. If you have questions about how this original bill affects your books, please see our Help Article titled, Can I Delete a Bill after Voiding a Check?


How to journal a fix

If you do not have the option to void the check, you may create a journal entry to fix the transaction. Any entry that moves money to and from a bank account must be dated in an open bank reconciliation period. If the entry only affects expense accounts, it may be dated on the check date (as long as the accounting period is open or you have rights to enter into a closed period). A Journal Entry to change the bank account from which the money was written would Debit the wrong Bank Account and Credit the Correct Bank Account. A Journal Entry to change the expense account would be a Debit to the correct Expense Account and a Credit to the incorrect Expense Account.


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