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 Best Browsers for Form Alignment

The approved browsers in ConnectNow Accounting are: Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari. These are the best browsers to use for form alignment. In a small number of cases, even when using one of these browsers, your printer may not work with ConnectNow Accounting for perfect form alignment. If you have followed all of the suggestions below and your forms are still not aligning correctly, we recommend trying to send them to another printer.

If your browser of choice is FireFox, click on the following link to learn how to set it up for use with ConnectNow Accounting: How to Set Up FireFox for Form Alignment. If you have set it up already, keep in mind that Firefox resets your options to their default settings each time an update is published. It would not hurt to verify the settings are still correct.

Adobe Acrobat Required - best if updated to most recent version

No matter which browser you use, you must have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed. If using Internet Explorer, set Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer. If you need to download this free software, you may do so at the following Adobe Acrobat Website: Download Adobe Acrobat

To set Adobe as your Default PDF reader in Internet Explorer, find a PDF document on your local drive and right-click. Select Open With, then select Choose default program. When the list of PDF Readers displays, select Adobe Reader.

The Print Dialogue Window

Once you have updated Adobe Reader to the most recent version and set up your browser to use Adobe as the default, there is one more step you must take. When you print the form, make sure you mark the Page Sizing & Handling to Actual Size.

Also available is this short, five minute video on Form Alignment in ConnectNow Accounting.

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