LA GL - Import Deposits from 3rd Party Vendor

You may import income which was managed by a third party vendor when the import file meets the following criteria:

The file must be in Excel 5.0 format, or else be saved as a .CSV file. If you’re prompted to save to a different format in excel, do not do so. If you save the file as one and the import does not work, try to save it as the other.

In order to upload your deposit into Logos Accounting, you’ll need to take the following steps:

In the General Ledger tab of Logos Accounting, go to Import/Export -> Import Data from File. In the window which opens, select AR Transaction Entry (CR Journal) and then click the Browse (…) button to select your file.

If the first row of your import has header information, mark the box in the lower left corner of the Import screen. Then, click into the first data field in each column to select it, then click in the drop down box entitled Define Grid column as. Each item in the Define Grid Column as drop down must be assigned to a column.

Once you have labeled all essential columns click OK, then OK.

After import, you will find this file in the General Ledger, Individual Transactions routine. You may edit the transactions and post the batch from there.

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