LII People - Family Statistics Report

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The family statistics report will answer questions such as: How many Registered Families are in my Data Base, How Many Un-Registered Familes, etc.

How do I run this report?

Go into People, Other Reports, Family Statistics.

There are specific report filters you can choose to get the data you need. However, if you are trying to get numbers for How Many Families have a particular Member Status, one way to do so is to mark the Use Search Criteria Option and filter the report for those whose ID = .01. This will give you one count per family for families with the reported status (as shown on the report below)

On the report below under Member Status, you will get the information for the Head of Household in a family. It gives the count for each Member Status you have assigned to that family. In this way, you can get a count on the number of families in your church for each Member Status.




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