PSA L&P - Vendor 1099: Print aligned forms

How to print 1099 forms 

Ledger & Payables → Reports →  Vendors → 1099 - Misc

Select the Ledger & Payables Tab, then click on Reports. Under Standard Reports select Vendors then, last on the list, 1099 - Misc.  In the Report Configuration screen, select the Calendar Year for which you would like to print your forms as well as your other pertinent filters. Under Form Name, select from the following options: 1099 4-Up Blank Paper or 1099 2-Up Pre-Printed.

        4-up.jpg      2-up.jpg

                        1099 4-Up Blank Paper      1099 2-Up Preprinted

Note: There is no Blank Paper option for 1096 forms or Copy A. For these, you must use the Pre-Printed IRS forms

Blank Paper Option:

When you choose 1099 4-Up Blank Paper, you will get all four necessary forms: Copy 2, Copy B - For Recipient, Copy 1 - For State, and Copy C - For Payer, so you would print the 4-Up Blank Paper forms once for each Vendor. Also, although you still need to follow our protocol for proper alignment, using the Blank Paper option eliminates the minuscule alignment issues that may present themselves to certain printers. 

Pre-Printed Form Option: 

When you choose the 1099 2-Up Pre-Printed option, you must use the forms provided by the government and two vendors will print per page. Changing forms for each run, you must print the forms four times then sort them according to Vendor and half them before sending them out. You must also follow the protocol for proper alignment to ensure the forms line up properly. As noted above, there may be a few exceptions and if after following our protocol your forms are not in alignment, most customers have success when using a different printer.

Click the following link for information on (what criteria determine to whom you should send a 1099) Vendor 1099: Reporting Requirements



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