Logos - System: Application Update will not Apply

How to update Logos Software when the update will not apply through the software

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

This is a local environment issue. Your firewall, permissions, or anti-virus is stopping the update from applying.

Do you access the software on a server?

If you access the software on a server, try updating directly on the server ensuring to log into the server using the Administrative Login. This will eliminate the permissions issue. If the software is not on a server but on your own computer, log into your own computer as Admin (again eliminating permissions).

Firewall Exception

To ensure the firewall is not blocking the update, add this program to your exceptions: ftp://dev1.logosdashboard.com

Get update through Website

If none of that works, log out of Logos Accounting and go to http://logoscms.com/client-portal/Updates. Log in as #### (your customer number as both username & password). Select the Accounting update and unzip it to the program path where your program resides. If on the server, do this from the server logged in as Administrator.

Once you have completed this, click on the Accounting icon. The Login screen will show the version number in the green band to the right of the word Accounting.

If it still does not update, you may need to contact a local IT person to find out why your computer will not allow the updates.

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