CNA Payroll - W-2/W-3: Employee W-2 Incorrect or Not Generating

Employee W-2 is incorrect or is not generating

If you started using the ConnectNow Account, Payroll Module in the middle of a calendar year, you may have missed entering start-up totals for former employees or for current employees who received paychecks the first part of the year. In either case, you must enter Start-Up Totals for the W-2 to generate or for the correct W-2 figures to generate.

Once you have added the Start-Up Totals, go to Payroll, Forms, Click, Edit Employee's W2 Information, then, at the bottom of the screen, click, Reprocess All. This will bring the recently added (former) employee into the form or include the start-up total numbers for the others.


For more information on W-2/W-3 Form processing, click on the following link: W-2/W-3 Processing

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