CNA Payroll - Checks in Process: Incorrect Amounts or Pay Item

If an error exists on a paycheck: 

If the Payroll Process is not yet closed, a check number has not yet been assigned (see image below), and you need to print another check:

  1. Update the Time-card or the Pay Item
  2. Calculate the Check
  3. Continue through the entire process until the check is printed. This will only print a check for a selected employee who does not already have a check, including those for whom the check was voided.

Note: If the payroll process is still open and a check number has been assigned, you must void the paycheck. Then, continue with the instructions that follow.

  • if the deductions or benefits were incorrect, click on 6) Edit Paychecks to correct those amounts. 
  • If a pay item is incorrect then go to 3) Edit Timecards and change the pay item there. 
  • After editing the paycheck or changing the pay item, select 4) Calculate Payroll to recalculate the payroll with the corrected information. Then, complete the process by selecting Print Checks.

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