Logos - System: How to backup Logos

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

Hosted customers follow these steps so the backup goes to the default location on our server. This will make it easier for you if you need to restore later.

Click the System & Users Tab, then Backup in the Ribbon

Follow the prompts: Please note—this must be done once for the data files and once for the Security files when necessary. Security Files only need to be backed up periodically or when you are moving the whole program to a new computer. (see the box which says ‘Backup which files’ in the screen displayed below. There are two options: Data Files, Security Files)

For a normal backup you would use the default directory and name, but if you are backing up your data to restore it to a new computer, you will want to browse for your zip drive.

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