LII User Reports - Add Email Addresses to the Directory using Logos User Edited Reports

Logos provides a free Self-Supporting Tool called User Edited Reports which allows you to add or remove fields from your reports. For additional information on User Edited Reports, see the User Edited Reports Help Files.  Note: Flash is required to access this site.

To add a field to an existing Logos Report, you may use this Self-Supporting User Edited Reports tool.

Adding an email address to the directory using User Reports

  1. Make your selections for the directory fields, being sure to include personal email. This is just an example:
  2. When you get to the Printer Output screen, select the Edit; the following screen will display. Clik OK:
    • When you click OK, the following screen will display.


  1. Click on any field you do not want to keep and click the [Delete] key on your keyboard. This will free up space on the report form. For instance, if you do not print birthdays, delete those fields from the form. Leave the headers for now as you may change what they say. Another field you may delete is the Geo code, if you do not use that. Now the form may look like this (depending on what you chose to delete):


  1. Removing those unused fields gives you more room on the report to add other information, such as spouses (and children’s) email addresses.
  2. To add the field you want, click on the field icon at the top of the report:
  3. Select the spot on the report you want to add the field, and click and drag the field. The following window will open:
  4. Enter the field information for whatever value you want to show on the report. In case of spouse’s email you will enter: rpt_family(“Spouse_email”); for kids, rpt_family(“kids_Email”); for all emails in the family, type in: rpt_family(“Family_Email”)

Or: Rpt_family("Spouse_Email") also available: rpt_family("Head_Email")

  1. When you complete the field name and click [Ok], the field will show on the screen as follows:
  2. You may use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the field up/down/left/right to put it in the right place.
  3. When you have completed the field entries, you may click on the [x] in the upper right corner of this report window and you will be prompted to save the report under a new name, as follows:
  4. Add a descriptive report name so you will remember what you called it, and click [OK]:
  5. Now that you have created this new report format, you must tell Logos which format you want to use. It will default to the system report until you have selected your new one. Click the [Select] button to the right of the [Edit] button. Then, highlight the report you want to use and click [OK]:
  6. Now, print preview the report. You must select your new report format first. This will show you if you need to make the field bigger (Edit the report again, then click on the right side of the field box and drag it to make it bigger), or to move the field (click on the field and use your arrow keys or drag the whole box). Again, you will be prompted to save your changes when you exit the edit report window.
  7. KEEP IN MIND that this new report format is only good for the exact report type you have chosed—1 column, 2 column, family directory, etc.
  8. Here is what my report looks like using family_email:
  9. Here is the report format:
  10. Note: I still have cleaning up to do. I must delete the Email, internet fields which show the original email entry. Your cleanup may be different depending on how you want your directory to look.
  11. Once you have added this field and saved the report, you must select the report from the Output destination screen.

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