LII People - Quick Update: Update Field for Selected Individuals

How to update a field for selected individuals all at once

Sometimes you need to designate individuals to print on a report. One way to do so is by using the Quick Update Routine to add a value into one of the Miscellaneous fields provided on Tab 9 of the Manage People screen. Once each individual has the designation, you may select your report using the designation to get only those people. Note: you may also follow these instructions to update any other field with the same information for multiple people.

The first step is to look at the Miscellaneous Tab and find an unused field you can use. (Or, note the name of any field you wish to update).

Step two is to go into People, Quick Update and choose Update by Selected  Individuals

Click Next and all of the names in your data base will display. You may select them by typing in their Member Number or by clicking into the first name in the Name Column and entering the name. Once you find the correct name or number, you would click Enter on your keyboard. This will add whoever you have selected onto a list of names you will be updating. Don't worry if you add someone you don't want, you will have the opportunity to remove them from the list before proceeding.

To see the list of those you have added, click Next. If there is anyone on the list that should not be, you may mark the Delete box to the left of their name and click the delete button at the bottom. This will only remove their name from this list. If you need to add additional names, click the Back Button, If you are satisfied with the list, click the Next button.

You will now scroll down until you find the name of the field you have determined is unused and plan to use as your Special Directory (SD) designation. Mark the field to the left then enter the word or letters you want to use as designation. The following is just an example and you may use your own field and your own letters.

Once you have completed this, click Next several times until the Process Button becomes live. Then click Process. Now all of the people you selected are marked with this designation.

Go to your report and use this in the Search Criteria on the Report Filter Screen using your designated field name (in this case Misc3) as the field, and the designated letters (in this case SD) as the Value. You would want it to read, with Misc3 equal exactly to SD. 

For more help on Report Filters, see the following Help File: Report Filters and Search Criteria.



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