LA - Tax Forms: Alignment

How to align tax forms

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

You must have an updated version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer and set Adobe as your Default PDF Reader


Hosted Customers: In Go-Global

While logged into Hosted Logos Accounting

  • Select the desired IRS form in Logos and choose the form type “... Pre-Printed”
  • Before printing, click “page setup” and ensure margins are set to zero
  • Select "Send to PDF" under output destination and click “Print” 
  • Enter a file name and save the file locally to your "Temp" folder 
  • Close the Adobe preview that opens automatically (this is still in Go Global)

On your own Local Computer

  • Find the newly saved file in your "C:\temp" folder and open it with Adobe reader
  • Print the form "Actual Size" onto blank paper and compare it to the previous printings
  • If successful, print again onto your red IRS forms


Non-Hosted Customers

While logged into your Desktop Logos Accounting

No matter which printing selection you choose, Print Preview, Send to PDF, or Send to Printer, your form will open as a PDF. 


Set Adobe Reader as your default PDF Reader

1. Find a PDF file in your documents file and right click on it. Then, select Open With and Choose default program.

2. Select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and click OK.

Now, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is your default PDF Reader



Select Actual Size

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