Logos - System: How to restore your data from a backup

How to restore your data from a backup

  1. Log into Logos in the new computer. Place your zip drive in the USB port. Click on the System & Users tab and on Restore in the Ribbon.
  2. Follow the prompts
  3. Most often, you may restore your data right from the default directory, so you may skip to step 6. However, if you have backed up your data because you are moving the program from one computer to another, you must have backup to a Flash Drive, so now you must browse to the flash drive to restore the data.
  4. The data path will most likely be blank here, if it is a new computer. Again, click on the Computer icon on the side bar.
  5. Browse for the zip drive:
  6. For a restore from the default location, the most recent backup will automatically display. If you want to browse for a prior backup, you must use the browse button. If restoring from a Flash Drive due to moving to a new computer, when you find the Flash drive, browse the file you backed up from the other computer: It will look something like this: II LOGOS 10-10-2013
  7. Click on that name and then click OK, then NEXT, then PROCESS
  8. Your data should now be on your computer.

Please note: you may go through the same process to backup and restore your security files. Or, you can set up your username and password on the new computer.

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