LII MM - Update: FAQ

I am not able to Cass Certify although Logos is on the most recent version available.

The Post Office releases an update to their Satori Software monthly or every-other month, depending. When they release the update, we make it available for our desktop customers and automatically update our Hosted Customers. Often, once it has been made available, you will be prompted to apply the update when you first log into Logos II. Sometimes, due to a firewall, anti-virus, or other local environment issue, the update does not apply. When this happens, you must go to our website and apply the update from there.

How do I Apply the update from the Logos Website

Begin by logging out of Logos II. To Apply the updatelog in to the Logos Client Portal from each Logos Workstation using your customer number as BOTH your username and password. Scroll down to the Mail Manager Update and right-click the link saving it to logoswin\logos\updates\satori. 


Then, as the Updates File says, making sure you are logged in to your computer as full Administrator, go to the logoswin\logos\WorkstationSetup\32 or 64 folder (depending on your machine), right click on the mm setup.exe file and select "Run as Administrator." Proceed through the installation routine to complete the install.

 After you have installed the update, log into Logos. If your local environment (firewall, anti-virus) allowed the update to complete successfully, you will be able to Cass Certify.

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