CNA Payroll - Error: Gross Pay Accounts/Deductions/Benefits with BLANK Distributions

When I get to step 4, Calculate, in my Payroll Process, and click the Calculate Payroll button, I get an error page similar to the image below:

How do I resolve this error?

This error is caused for one of two reasons: 1) An incorrect Account was added to an Employee's Time Card or 2) the Gross Pay Acct Distributions have not been fully filled out for this Account.

1) First check to see if an incorrect Account was used on the Time Card. You can see the Accounts which are generating the error right in the error message. If this is the case, Go into Time Cards and click each employee one at a time to find which employee's record has this misinformation. Once you find it, click into the Account field which will display an X to the right of the incorrect account: . Click the X to remove this account, then use the drop-down to add the correct one. If that was the only issue, you may calculate again.


2) Another possible issue is the Account Distributions have not been filled out or completed for the Gross Pay Account listed in the error. Fixing this is quite simple. Note each unique Gross Pay Account Number in the error:

Now, Go to Payroll, Setup, Account Distributions and under Quick Find (at the right of the screen) click Shortcut to activate the Shortcut as the search field and type in the Gross pay Account listed in the Error Message. Then Click Find Account.

The Account Distributions which displays will give you the opportunity to fill in all of the Account Distributions (or any missing distributions) for each field. Account Distributions, must be filled in for every field listed, even though they are not used for this particular Account.








Image 1


Setup Screen








Image 2


Quick Find











Image 3

 Account Distributions

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