Logos System - Reports: How to export to CSV

How do I export a report to a CSV Excel Spreadsheet?

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When printing any report in Logos II, Logos GL, or Logos Scheduler, you have seven choices on the Output Destination Screen: Print Preview, Send to Printer, Send to Document, Send to Spreadsheet, Send to PDF, Send to HTML, and Export.

To export your data to a CSV format, mark the Export Radio Button in the Output Destination screen; from the drop-down menu, select Delimited With Comma (also known as Comma Separated Value).

Click Print.

If you are not Hosted, but instead the software resides on your local computer or server, you will be prompted to enter a file name. The Default storage location for this file is \Logoswin\app\export where 'app' is the Logos Application from which you are running the report (GL, Logos, Scheduler). However, you may browse to any location to save your file.

If you are Hosted, you will be required to save your report to your C:\Temp folder. You may enter the file name of your choice in the File Name field. Then, click Save. The reason you see the M next to Local Dir: is that the Hosted Server has it's own C Drive and must call your local C drive by a different name. When you are on our server, your local drive is called M. When you are accessing the data from your own computer, you will find it in your C drive. If you use a Mac, find your document by clicking on the Go option at the top, and then selecting All My Files. If you don't see it listed directly, enter the name you gave the file in the Search bar in the upper right corner of the All My Files Window. You may right click on your file and select show in Enclosing Folder.

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