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Setup Logos to file W-2s Electronically

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

In order to send a W-2 Electronically to the Social Security Administration or to your state, you must have purchased and activated the W2 Electronic Filing Add-On for both or either. To purchase the W-2 Electronic Filing Add-On, you may contact billing at and let them know you would like to purchase this Add-On (specifying Federal and/or State) and ask them for the Add-On Serial Number. To learn how to update your software with the Add-On codes, Click the following link for the Add-On Help File.

For Federal Electronic Filing, once you have acquired the proper Add-On, in Logos Accounting, you must mark the check box for Submit W2 Electronically on the Tax Liabilities Federal Taxes Tab found in Preferences, Payroll, Tax Liabilities. 

Before you may select the option to Send W2's to Social Security Administration (EFW2) and/or to Send W2's to State, you must first process the W2 & W3s (in that order). If you miss a step, you will be alerted with a reminder.


Send W2's to Social Security Administration (EFW2)

When you click on the Send W2's radio button and then Next, you will be taken to a page which requires a User ID (PIN). To get your PIN (User ID of Authorized Employee) shown below right, you should go to this Social Security Employer Web Page and select Employer Services Online Now Available. Or, click the following link to Register for your PIN at least 3 weeks prior to using it.


Click the Create File button and save the file to your local drive. Hosted Customers will be prompted to save the file to M:\Temp. You will find the file on your local drive in C:\Temp.

Once you've created the file, log into Social Security, Business Services Online, and import the file through their website.


Send Electronic W-2s to State

Mark radio button for Send W2's to State.

Select your State from the drop-down menu.

Click the Create File button. This will export the data to a file on your local drive (C:\Logoswin\GL\export\ST_EFW2_yyyy (where ST=your state and yyyy is the current year). Hosted customers will find the file in C:\Temp. You will browse to this file to send it to your State. You must contact your state to find out the method to use to get the file to them.

You may print the report for your own records also.


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