PSA L&P - Integration: How to record deposits through integration

How to record deposits through integration

The Offering Module in the Family Suite can be integrated with Accounting. When Integration is turned on, posting an Offering Batch automatically creates a deposit in Accounting, Ledger & Payables. To turn on Integration, contact the Family Suite, Offering Support Team: 877-930-4774 Options  2, 1, 1.

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How does the software know which accounts to use in the deposit distribution?  

Map funds to corresponding revenue accounts:

Revenue Accounts may be Liabilities, Dedicated, or Income Accounts. The Offering Software provides a way to map your funds to their corresponding revenue accounts. In the offering module, click Funds. Select the fund with the edit button. Then, click edit at the bottom of the next screen. 


The next screen provides a drop-down menu from which you may choose your revenue account. Once you have mapped the fund to the correct revenue account, click save.





Map the batch to the corresponding bank account: When offering is integrated with accounting, one batch in offering creates one deposit in Accounting, posted to one bank account.  Therefore, you must map each batch with one bank account.  While one batch may only be mapped to one Bank Account, you may map each batch to a different bank account. Mapping may be done when the batch is created, or just prior to closing a batch.

Note: only asset accounts with a mark in the bank account field in accounting will be available as a bank account in Fund Management. Also, if you do not have bank accounts available to select, it means your accounting permissions are not set up correctly or you have the Integration set up incorrectly. You must talk to your administrator.

In the Offering tab click Batches and click the Edit Batch Button. 

Then, click Edit. Select a Bank Account from the drop-down menu, and click Save. Finally, click Close.



What do I do if I mapped a fund in offering to the wrong revenue account and I have already closed the offering batch?

Depending on your login privileges (assigned by your church administrator or by your diocese), and depending on the deposit date as compared to your current accounting month, you may be able to

1) Edit the deposit to change the wrong Revenue Account to the Correct Revenue Account or
2) Create a journal entry that only moves that part of the deposit from one Revenue Account to another.

  • If you must implement option 2, date your journal entry on the deposit date, Debit the Wrong Revenue Account, and Credit the Correct Revenue Account only for the amount associated with this Deposit/Fund.

After you have completed this update, go back into Family Suite, Offering, and map the fund to the correct revenue account.


What do I do if I mapped the Offering Batch to the wrong Bank Account and I have already closed the Offering Batch?

The answer to this is the same as the above answer for revenue accounts except this will be for the bank account. If you already reconciled the bank statement for the 'wrong' bank account, you will likely have to ask support to re-open that reconciliation as making changes to the system balance on a date within a closed bank reconciliation Period will affect your bank reconciliation totals.



When will the deposit be posted in accounting?

The Deposit will be created in Accounting when you close the Offering batch. There will be one Debit to the Bank Account, and one Credit for each Revenue Fund in the Offering Batch.



What will the deposit look like in accounting?


If I get an error when closing my offering batch, will it still record my deposits in Accounting after I fix the error?

If you have your Integration set up to Require the system to create a deposit entry for the batch in Accounting before closing the batch, you may fix the cause of the error and re-close the batch to record the deposit.

If you do NOT have Integration set up to Require the system to create a deposit entry for the batch in Accounting before closing the batch when you get an error the batch will close without recording the deposit. Once the Offering Batch is closed, you must manually record the Deposit in Accounting.

To ensure the batch does not close before it records the deposit, mark your Offering Module Settings as follows:

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