PSFS Offering - Accounting Batch Integration: How to set up integration between ParishSOFT Family Suite (Legacy Offering) and ParishSOFT Accounting

How to set up integration between ParishSOFT Family Suite (Legacy Offering) and ParishSOFT Accounting

With integration you will find closing a batch in Family Suite Offering, will be posted a deposit to the revenue accounts in Accounting.

There are three major steps in the integration process:

After the integration process is completed, to post an offering batch, you must assign a revenue account to the batch.

Before beginning, you will need to take the following steps in Accounting:

  1. Get your ParishSOFT accounting database ID.
  2. Make sure that every staff member who will be closing batches has an account in ParishSOFT Accounting and permission to make deposits. You will need to know the accounting software username and password of every user who will be closing batches.


Integrate Databases

The first step is to integrate the databases. To do this you must have administrator rights in the Family Suite.  You will also need your ParishSOFT accounting database ID. If you do not know your accounting database ID, contact ParishSOFT Accounting Support.

  1. Log in with an account that has administrator permissions.
  2. From the Administration tab, select Organizations.
  3. Select your organization from the list on the left side and click the Edit Organization Record button.

    In the field "PSA Database ID:" enter the correct database ID and click Save.

    At this point, the ParishSOFT Membership and ParishSOFT Accounting applications are integrated at the organization level.


Enabling User Permissions

Now that your databases are connected, you will need to link the user accounts in Family Suite to the accounts in Accounting.

From the Administration module, select the Manage Staff tab.

Go through the following steps for each person who will be closing batches in Family Suite.

Select a staff record to open the assigned access rights.


Click Edit Details. Check the Offering checkbox in the Accounting Integration section, and click the gear icon.


Enter the Accounting username and password and click Login. Note: These are the credentials the person who works in the ParishSOFT Accounting software use to log into the accounting software. The login must have read/write privileges to work. The person set up as Church Administrator would have these privileges by default.

At this point, log the user out and then back in. Very important.

Alternatively, a staff member can enter their own Accounting username and password by going to the Offering module and selecting the Settings tab. From this screen, the user can enter their credentials and click Save.


Fund Mapping

Note: if you are using the redesigned offering module, please see the following article to learn how to map your funds.

The third step is to map your funds.  Each fund needs to be mapped to a revenue account (or less often to a Liability Account or to a Dedicated Account) in ParishSOFT Accounting.  Each fund in the Family Suite can only be mapped to one revenue account in Accounting. However, a revenue account can have many funds mapped to it.  When you start integration, you will have to map every fund you are using to a revenue account.

To map funds, go to the Offering Module and select the Funds tab.

Click on the Edit Fund icon next to the fund.

Click Edit to edit the fund.


Then select a revenue account from the drop-down menu, and click Save. If you do not see the Revenue Account field and you have followed all of the prior integration instructions, have the customer log out an back in and look for it again. (There may have to be about 10 minutes between finishing the set up and this being available)

If you have funds that you are no longer using, you do not need to map them to revenue accounts. However, you should give an end date to funds you do not want to use.

After you have mapped all funds, integration is complete.


After Integration: Mapping Batches

Assign a bank account to each batch before closing it; after integration is started, a user will be required to assign a bank account when they create a new batch. If any batches are open when you set up integration, you will need to assign bank accounts to them to close them.

To edit existing batches, go to the Offering module and choose the Batches tab. Click on the pen and paper icon next to each open batch.

When the window opens, click Edit.


Select a Bank Account from the drop-down menu and click Save. Then click Close.

This will assign a bank account to the batch.  A user who creates a batch will have to pick the correct bank account from the list.

Before closing a batch

If you use Online Giving, before closing a batch, make sure the batch matches the information you have on the Deposit Report from your giving software. This is important because when you close the batch, the information in this batch is used to create a deposit transaction in ParishSOFT Accounting. If the information is wrong, the deposit will be recorded incorrectly in ParishSOFT Accounting.

To prevent a batch from being closed without transferring to ParishSOFT Accounting mark the setting in Administration → Module Settings → Accounting.  

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