LA AP - Checks: Repair Check Voided in Wrong Period

Repair a check voided in the wrong period

  1. Go to General Ledger > Individual Transactions. Your entry will be in two parts:
    • First, exactly reverse the voiding transactions on the Check GL Distribution report from the Vendor record, using that same date. These entries will be for the GJ Journal which will generate an alert that you are trying to post an entry to a Checking Account for a journal other than CD or a CR. Select Yes in this case. 
    • Next, enter the same voiding transactions, however, give them a date that in the current open bank reconciliation period. Again, this is a GJ entry. After posting, your bank account will be in balance if the problem was the voided check.


In the example below, a check was printed in June of 2017. The June Bank Reconciliation was closed. Then, the June check was voided on the date the check had been printed. This caused the July Bank Reconciliation to be out of balance. The instructions above were followed to reverse the June Void and Re-enter the Voiding entry with a July Date. Now, the July Bank Reconciliation may be closed.

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