CNA L&P - Checks: How Are Voided Checks Recorded in CNA?

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How voided checks are recorded 

When you void a check, the system will ask you to enter a void date and if you want to make a copy of the original bill.

After voiding the check, it will display like the image below. Notice that the amount is still the original amount of the check. Instead of changing the check amount to zero, the voiding process adds a journal entry which reverses the original check transaction.

A reversing Journal Entry is created when a check is voided


How to handle voided checks in the Bank Reconciliation

When you go into the bank reconciliation, you will see the original check AND the journal entry.  You need to clear both transactions in order to balance.


 How to "un-void" a check

When you void a check, it puts a flag in the record that shows it's been voided. It also adds the date voided to the record. These are simply flags that don't really affect the ledger. They just indicate the check has been voided. As mentioned above, the other update that takes place is a reversing journal entry is created. This is the only thing that really affects the ledger

Therefore, if you no longer want the check to be "voided," you may delete the voiding journal entry. Although the void flag and void date will remain, the check will be in the ledger as a normal check (a credit to cash and a debit the offsetting account) and will be available to reconcile as a normal check. The reversing journal entry is now gone.

If you want 'cleaner' books, you may leave the voiding entry and re-create the check by creating a bill and clicking the assign check number. You would have to add a letter to the end. However, if the original check was dated in a closed accounting period, you will not be able to back date this new assigned check.

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How does a void check affect the bill?

The bill associated with the voided check may not be used. However, the check void date may be different from the original bill date. If you are on an accrual basis of accounting, the journal entry that was created when the bill was submitted will show the expense until the check void date passes. For some, this causes an issue with reporting expenses. To learn how to deal with this, see the following Help Article: Bills: Can I Delete a Bill after Voiding a Check?  This talks about how to handle expenses which hang out in the system until the void date is reached.

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