PSA Payroll - Reports or Forms: How to print the Quarterly 941 Report (FAQ)

How to print the Quarterly 941 Report

In the Payroll Tab, Select Forms. The top option will be 941. Select the correct Calendar Year and Quarter. Unless you select a Paygroup, all Paygroups will be included.


Can I file Form 941 electronically in ParishSOFT?

Currently, the system does not have the ability to file electronically.


Where does the system get the number of employees for Line 1? 

The form says "number of employees who received wages, ...for the pay period including March 12 (Quarter 1), June 12 (Quarter 2), September 12 (Quarter 3), or December 12 (Quarter 4)"

The system finds the payroll date that is closest to the 12th of the final month in that quarter and reports the number of employees for that payroll on Line 1 of the 941.


How does the system know whether I'm a monthly or semi-weekly depositor for federal tax purposes?

In Payroll → Setup → Employer Information, the system only allows two choices: monthly and semi-weekly.  If your deposit frequency is NOT one of those, you will have to edit Schedule B.


Can ParishSOFT Accounting produce Form 940 (FUTA)?

Currently, the system is not able to print that form.


Can ParishSOFT Accounting produce Form 944?

Yes, ParishSOFT has the ability to produce this report.  This was a new feature in the December 2017 release.


The total gross wages are wrong on the form...

Please check to see if all of the employees whose wages should be included on the form have the Tax Statement field as "W-2." Even if you don't withhold federal taxes, the box must be checked (you can force the system to NOT withhold by putting 0.00 in "Override").

If a pay item is NOT marked taxable, the employee pay for that item will not be included on the 941.


Where can I get a list of employees with their wages and taxable wages for a quarter?

In Payroll → Reports → End of Period → Taxable Pay and Withheld Report


Where does the system get the amount of total deposits made for the quarter for Schedule B?

It calculates it.  If you made deposits that are different than the calculated number, you will have to edit the Form.  Please note, the system calculates deposits on Schedule B, if you've made different deposits, you will have to edit the form.  If you edit Schedule B, the changes do not flow to the Form, you will have to edit the form.

Schedule B amounts include employee withholding (federal, social security, and medicare) as well as the employer match for social security and medicare.

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